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The Nova Verta spray plants are specifically designed to meet the needs of durability and precision of body shops and operators in the automotive sector. This video, shot inside a Super Prestige spray booth, offers an example of the excellent performance that can be achieved with the downdraft technology, always respecting the environment and the health of the operators in the cabin.

What’s remarkable is the special basement with airflow regulation that balances in the best way the extracted airflow. It does not guarantee only the aspiration of dusts, that do not deposit on the surfaces to be treated, but also attract the overspray, thereby ensuring a greater accuracy of the operations and avoiding toxic fumes. The special filters, in fact, collect and filter dusts so that they are not released into the environment.

The work environment is made even more comfortable thanks an optimum illumination obtained with the new LED light fixtures, designed for specific use inside painting booths with a structure ad hoc to allow it to be built into the wall. The lighting needs of chromaticity, high temperature resistance, homogeneous light diffusion, short assembly times and duration have been met, ensuring at the same time a better identification of the painting defects and a risk-free environment for the operator.