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Paint Mixing Rooms

The name Nova Verta is synonymous with innovation and quality. Our Paint Mixing Rooms and other Extraction / Smart / Preparation Booths can all be custom made to the highest standard to suit your size, lighting and air-flow requirements. A typical example is shown as follows.

Paint Room

A basic frame suitable mm 100 (h)
N° 1 access door, antipanic closing, mm 800×2.100 (h)
Lateral walls, thickness mm 40, insulated sheet panels
N°2 Lighting fixture composed by 4 fluorescent tubes of 36 Watt
each equipped with electronic ballasts
Electric fan coupled by motor of Kw 0,25
Prefilter for inlet air: mm 930×470
Lights delayed 30’’with respect to ventilation

Mixing Room

Fully galvanised and insulated double steel panels, plastic coated, to match Spray Booth in traditional Nova Verta colours blue exterior & white interior.

1 No. Anti spark extract motor 0.25kW three phase (1000 cm/h)
2 No. Four tube steel light frames covered by Georgian plate glass
1 No. Main access glazed self-closing door 800 x 2.100
1 No. Work bench to include extraction at low and bench level for test cards/mixing applications.
1 No. Fine inlet filter including a Fireblock FD 60 Damper
1 No. Main control switch wired to lighting and extract motor.

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