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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking at installation or maintenance of spray booths this is the place to be. Please read through this FAQ and let us know whether there are any remaining questions. We will do our level best to answer them for you. If you do not see the answer you want on this page, please call us on 01234 766776

How do I arrange a site visit and what will happen afterwards?

Please contact us via telephone or email and we will be more than happy to help!

Site visits, paint shop design and planning are all carried out in-house by ourselves. Detailed technical drawings will be provided together with our written quotation for the project and detail of how to proceed with your order. Our equipment is standardised in its design to ensure consistence in quality. Therefore your order will arrive directly from the NOVA VERTA factory in Italy usually within a four week time frame.

How long will a typical new Spray Booth installation take?

We endeavour to turn a project around for a single Spray Booth installation within five working days, subject to the necessary services being available. This may take a little longer subject to any additional options chosen at the time of ordering.

What are my air-handling plant options for Spray Booth extraction?

We provide the ideal under-floor extraction method in two ways. By means of a pit excavation to provide a level vehicle entrance or, if excavation is not a preferred option, we can mount the Spray Booth on its own raised platform base section with either an internal or external vehicle ramp. We can also provide economical side and rear extraction plant options. All our air-handling plants and fan assembly units are, and have only ever been, low revolution and high air movement centrifugal type. These are used throughout our product range and provide the very best energy efficiency and the lowest operating noise even at full running speed.

What are my air-handling plant options for Spray Booth heating?

Natural Gas, LPG or Oil fired, quality high efficiency burners are used throughout our Spray Booth range to achieve fast Spray and Bake temperatures for all waterborne and solvent based paints and lacquers. We also offer our customers the option of the very latest Direct Fired Self-Modulating ‘Pre-Mix’ type Burner if they so wish.

What services will I need to provide?
  • Electrical power requirements: Three Phase and Neutral
  • Fuel running requirements:NATURAL GAS or LPG or OIL
  • Compressed air supply
  • Roof penetrations and weather-proofing of ductwork
Do Nova Verta Spray Booths comply with manufacturers recommendations?

Yes, this has been achieved by all major manufacturers and we are fully EC and ISO9001 compliant. Full compliance documentation including Spray Booth operations will be provided on completion of installation.

The booth is still working isn't it, why would I want to spend money on filters and service?

To begin with, it’s a legal requirement to have a booth inspected twice a year to achieve vital EPA certification. It is also proven that the efficiency/maintenance/profitability ratio is so important that premium service contracts are well worth the small investment.

Why should I use genuine Nova Verta filters and spare parts?

Other non-legal filters are of course cheap to purchase. However, not only are they illegal, they do not work properly, usually allowing the paint through to the fans which then need a more expensive service to recover.

NOVA VERTA parts are competitively priced and are kept available from stock so you can be assured of the very best service and maintenance support for your Spray Booths.

How quickly can I obtain spare parts and filters?

All filters and spare parts are kept in stock from our centralised warehouse facility. Goods will be dispatched overnight by our courier with either a pre-9am, pre-10am, pre-12pm or standard next day service and Saturday delivery service available.

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